About the Book

To the casual fan, reading about the trials and tribulations the Python’s went through in order to get their series on the air will be riveting and, to the hardcore fan who thinks they have read it all, it will be revealing for, as the US Curator of the Graham Chapman Archives (since the mid-1990’s)  MONTY PYTHON VS THE WORLD tells the behind-the-scenes making of the ground-breaking television series utilizing information from Graham’s archives. It also includes new information gleaned from interviews conducted with many utility players in their saga, people who are usually ignored.

MONTY PYTHON VS THE WORLD tells the unknown story of how a 1950’s crooner, the father of actors Owen and Luke Wilson – along with a brave PBS programmer from Dallas – brought Britain’s quintessentially silly comedy series to America’s shores. It tells the story of six extremely individual individuals whose only common bond appeared to be the desire to make people laugh, and it’s the story of the most influential and exciting comedy series of all time: Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

MONTY PYTHON VS THE WORLD is a book about a social and cultural revolution as important in its impact as the storming of the Bastille.  This is the story of “a revolution in the head” that came to us disguised as a humorous television series called Monty Python’s Flying Circus, a show that, in its way, forever changed not only television, but also the world.  Accidentally.



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